Hotwto find female domination (Femdom)

You want to be dominated by a Domme?Mistress

Finding a like minded partner can be a pain in the ass (the kind you don't like).

Well, I'll try to help you a bit with this artice.

Mainly there are two different types of initiating contact.

1. - Real Life search

2. - Online search

Real Life search

Beginners often are to shy to go to a BDSM-group especially if they don't have any friends in "the scene". This applys to the majority.

People in "the scene" are folks like you and me. Be nice to them and they will help you.

If you're still not interested to join the BDSM scene there's a different, comfortable way to get in touch with dominant women. sells T-shirts which kind of attract dominant women. The idea behind is to discretly announce your femdom fantasies by wearing those Tees and get contacted by dominant women on the street, at the gym or anywhere else. Mistress


Following shirts are pretty subtle. You could wear those for work as well.

find femdom

The other (very common but also often very nerve-racking) way is the

Online search

Demonstrate why you're different.

Before looking for a Domme, you need to decide for yourself what makes you different. If you've taken the trouble to sit in a channel and slowly get involved with it, at some point, someone will ask you about yourself. This is a key moment in your search for a Domme, so use it wisely. Here are some of the classic errors that are made at this point:

Your comment:

the domme's thoughts:

I'm very submissive.

Big deal, so are all submissives.

I do exactly what I'm told.

Well yes.. and?

I'll do anything for the right Mistress.

This one is desperate!

I'm excellent at pleasuring my Mistress

Oh, ok... he's desperate for a fuck.

I'm rich with my own Penthouse suite.

He's a desperate liar.

I'm available for the right Domme!

Totally clueless and arrogant.

I'm 23, very fit and highly intelligent.

Still totally clueless and stupid.

I'm looking for a Domme!

You're a male sub, of course you are.

None of those approaches will work. We see it every night. What makes much more sense is to assume that we know you're submissive, that you'll do as you're told and all that jazz. So don't tell us, move swiftly onto something about you that's interesting. What hobbies do you have? What skills have you got? What makes you an interesting human being? The fact that you're a sub isn't interesting. We know that already. There are very interesting male submissives - I know lots of them, as do the rest of us. But they are interesting because they are people who happen to be submissive. Do you see the difference? I really hope so! Don't continue whittering on about it. If people are interested, they'll ask you about it. If they do, congratulations, you've moved onto the next stage in your search. FINDING A DOMME IS A LONG TERM PROCESS - IT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. If you come into a chat room expecting to find a Domme who will come around and visit you the same evening or the next day to beat you senseless, just leave the room right now and go to #bdsm_stupidly_optomistic. After all - why should a Domme want to? She's probably already got a sub she can phone up and say 'drive over here now, I am in the mood to whack you'.
So just leave it. Don't push it, and don't expect anything to happen tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or this week. Or probably this month. I'm really sorry - I know that you're desperate - it's clear for all to see, and there's nothing that is more off-putting than a desperate submissive. It's not pretty and it's not attractive.